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100'x160' Pole Tents from America's leading manufacturer for the party tent rental industry.

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Ohenry 100'x160' Pole Tent
(100'x160' Traditional Pole Tent Sketch & 100'x100' End View Pictured)
Specifications, Parts List & Price for 100'x160' Ohenry Traditional Pole Tents
Tent Top Specifications Tops Built with 15oz. American Made all White Block Out, or with 14oz. Translucent, or 16oz. Color Blockout Vertical Stripes
Tent Top & Hardware List, Shipping Weight & Price
100'x160' Pole Tent Top 1 (4-1/ end sections) & 4- 1/2 Middle Sections
30' Center Poles (Galvanized 4' & 4&1/2 x 11 & 8 Gauge Steel) 3
21' Quarter Poles (Galvanized 2.875" x 14 Gauge Steel) 16
12' Quarter Poles (Galvanized 2.375" x 14 Gauge Steel) 4
7' Side Poles (Galvanized 1.660" x 16 Gauge Steel) 104
42"- 1&1/8" Tent Stakes (Forged American Made) 108
Seating capacity with chairs & stage 2665
Seating capacity with tables & chairs 1330
Shipping Weight Without Walls (LBS) 7042
2019 price for Top & Hardware Without Walls (F.O.B). $87,135.40

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Ohenry Pole Tents are the most popular style of commercial tent for all sorts of uses from party tent rentals to outdoor special event tents.

Ohenry 100'x160' pole tents are extremely portable making them an ideal choice for those who have need of a large party tent but have limited means of transporting their tent.

Traditional pole tents provide more covered area for less money than any other type of event tent.  This makes a pole type tent ideal for covering extremely large areas efficiently.  Ohenry 100'x160' pole tents are designed to be used over and over again for many years. Ohenry has pole tents in stock!

Buy your 100' x 160' pole tent from Ohenry today!

Remember, Ohenry tents are built by Americans right here in Waco, Texas. We do not import cheap imitations.

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Since 1979 Ohenry productions Inc. has been manufacturing heavy duty pole tents for the party tent industry.  We specialize in the construction of Frame Tents, High Peak tents and Pole Tents which meet the demands of the party tent rental industry. 

The U.S. military has chosen Ohenry Pole Tents several times when they have a need for many large pole tents on short notice.  Thousands of U.S. service men have been billeted in Ohenry pole tents in Afghanistan, Iraq and around the world.

100'x160' Pole Tents are built with  top quality first run materials, made right here in the good old U.S.A. If you need a high quality 100'x160' Pole Tent that will stand the test of time, you will be glad when you invest in an Ohenry Pole Tent.

Ohenry Pole Tents are your best choice if you are in the party rental or event tent rental business. Ohenry Pole Tents are heavy duty commercial tents which are designed specifically for the party tent rental industry. Ohenry Pole Tents are built to last many years, and best of all, our Ohenry Pole Tents are in stock waiting for you.

  Ohenry will build your 100'x160' Pole Tent and even though it is a custom size, we will build it in a reasonable turn around time. Please remember our 100' wide tents are not usually kept in stock.

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American Made Pole Tents, High Peak Tents, and Frame Tents Built Tough For The Rental Industry
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