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Rental World
A & A Tent Rentals
1020 E. Bus. hwy 83
2727 standard oil Rd.
McAllen, TX.  78501
Shreveport, LA.  71108
Bryan Wolf  956-630-5222
Chris Sater  800-338-8368

Also, feel free to contact these companies for a reference!

Butler Rentals
Big Top Tents
5826 Wooldridge,
91121 S. Choctaw
Corpus Christi, TX, 78414
Baton Rouge, LA. 70815
Brian Butler

Roger Dennison'

Ohenry's Bank Reference
American Bank of Waco
P.O. Box 154068
Waco, TX. 76715
Jim Lambert 254- 867-7637

Ohenry Party Tents are your best choice if you are in the party rental or event tent rental business. Ohenry party tents are heavy duty commercial tents which are designed specifically for the party tent rental and party rental industry.  Ohenry party tents are built to last many years, and best of all, our commercial tents are in stock waiting for you.  You will never have to wait for your festival tent, party tent, or revival tent. We have all sizes of pole tents, frame tents, and high peak tents in stock, ready to go to work as party tents for you!

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