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Help For Tightening Pole Tents
Tightening a pole tent can be a trick! To get your tent tight with no wrinkles, and have it be nice and square requires several precise processes. This page has information which will help you learn exactly how to get your tent stretched out nice and tight! Please study the photographs, the printed instructions, and videos.

2018_misc_picture_files/Pics_for_tent_tightening/with border/Bad Corner.JPG2018_misc_picture_files/Pics_for_tent_tightening/with border/30x30 pole tent.JPG

The photo on the left is of a 30'x30' pole tent which has sagging corners and wrinkles from being tightened improperly. The hip on the left is sagging because the corner pole is standing up straight rather than being tilted inward. Notice how the hips of the red and white tent are nice and tight because the corner poles are tilted in. The large wrinkle in the blue and white tent is caused by the rope on the pole where the wrinkle is being too tight while the corner on the right is noticeably loose.

The corners of the blue and white tent were not tightened properly before the ends and sides were, so that makes it impossible for the tent to look right.

Now look at the two photos below. These tents have tight corners, tight hips and no wrinkles because they were tightened properly!

2018_misc_picture_files/Pics_for_tent_tightening/with border/40x60 pole tent 2.JPG2018_misc_picture_files/Pics_for_tent_tightening/with border/greenwhite 30x50.jpg

The High Peak tent on the left is an example of a tent being OVER tightened. The perimeter and hips are sagging from excess pressure on ratchet straps. The High Peak tent on the right is an example of a properly tightened High Peak Tent.

2018_misc_picture_files/Pics_for_tent_tightening/with border/high peak 40x80.JPG2018_misc_picture_files/Pics_for_tent_tightening/with border/greenwhite 30x50.jpg

2018_misc_picture_files/Pics_for_tent_tightening/with border/1pc16.JPG

The most important part of tightening a tent is to begin with the corners. If the corners are not done correctly, the rest of the tent will not look right. Begin tightening at the corners. Tilt the side pole inwards to give some slack on the "guy" rope. Have your helpers pull all the slack out of the "guy" ropes, and then re-tie the ropes

2018_misc_picture_files/Pics_for_tent_tightening/with border/1pc17.JPG

After taking up all the slack on the "guy" ropes, push the side pole (it should be at about a 45 degree angle at this time) upright, using it as a lever to tighten the tent. Leave the pole
slightly tilted inward. The pole should be at 90 degrees position relative to each
corner stake. Repeat this process for each corner.

2018_misc_picture_files/Pics_for_tent_tightening/with border/1pc18.JPG

Now tighten the sides of the tent. Tilt each side pole inwards to give some slack on the "guy" rope. Pull down on the tent edge, and have your helper pull all the slack out of the "guy"
rope, and then re-tie the rope securely.

Tent Tightening Video


Ratchet Video

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